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Reverse Proxy Setup

Putting Yacht behind a webproxy is easy, we recommend the following setup.

Using the container or setup from:

The following configuration:

  • Used to "websocket support was required", this is no longer true. It is recommended but Yacht will work without it.
  • Using a subdomain such as ""
  • Using https and forcing SSL
  • Set the Yacht container to bridged network
  • Leave Nginx Proxy Manager on its default proxy network.

Configure Nginx using the subdomain.

  • The IP of the docker host (such as 192.168.0.x or equiv.).
  • The docker port you set Yacht to such as 8000.
  • Use http between the Nginx host and the Yacht container.

Additional security:

  • Limit your firewall access to allow communication from Yacht to Nginx host on specified port only.
  • Your have to research this and lock down your firewall your self, we can not provide support for this.

proxy_screenshot.png proxy_screenshot2.png